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(Required and Signed Electronically during ONLINE REGISTRATION)
I/We hereby give permission for our child, named above, to participate in football/cheerleading activities in the Weston Trojan Youth Football & Cheer programs for the 2016 season.
I/We agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the team association and the Fairfield County Football League. If any equipment issued to our child should be lost or damaged through our negligence or that of our child, I/we agree to pay to have it replaced.
I/We understand that the insurance, which is carried by the team, is secondary to whatever coverage we have. In the event of a claim, I/we agree to submit the claim to our insurance company. If no insurance coverage exists, the insurance coverage provided through the league becomes the primary coverage.
In the event of an injury, I/we hereby give permission for our child, named above, to be transported to a nearby emergency medical facility. Additionally, I/we give permission for medical treatment to be administered as deemed necessary by the medical staff.
I/We, hereby, for myself/ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages or injury against Weston Trojan Youth Football and Cheer, Fairfield County Football League and the teams that compose the league and their administrators, board members and coaches for any and all injuries suffered by our child in games, practices, meetings, or transportation to and from such, which may occur in the 2014 football and cheer season.
I/We acknowledge that injuries may occur in the course of any athletic activity, and I/we hereby specifically assume all risk of any injury occurring during the course of our child's participation in the Event. 
I recognize that Weston Trojan Youth Football and Cheer, Inc. has the right to take photos of my child during participation and utilize them for promotional opportunities.