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WTYFC & FCFL  (2015)
(Required and Signed Electronically during ONLINE REGISTRATION)
Fairfield County Football League requires that all participants (football players and cheerleaders) commit and adhere to the following Code of Conduct. FCFL believes in the three “S’s” – Safety, Sportsmanship, and Scholarship and expects student participants to exhibit them both on and off the field. Any violation of the following Codes could result in disciplinary action by the Member Organization and/or the FCFL that may result in warnings or suspension. Always remember that the game of football will be an enjoyable, fun team sport only when you conduct yourself as follows:
1. I will attend all practices/games except for illness, bereavement, religious obligations or schoolwork and I will notify my coach immediately if I am unable to attend a scheduled practice/game. Unexcused absences from practices or games (non-participation in a significant portion of one or practice(s) may be grounds for penalty or suspension). Penalties may include game suspension(s) and possible dismissal from the team.
2. I will arrive to practices/games on time, prepared and ready to go. I will participate in each practice to the fullest extent of my ability.
3. I agree to conduct myself with dignity as a participant of FCFL football and as a citizen of the community.
4. I will be fully accountable for my behavior and its outcome. Individual discipline is the only way to maintain team safety. I understand that discipline problems will not be tolerated and could result in my being suspended or removed from the team.
5. I will play by the rules and resolve conflicts without cheating or violence.
6. I will treat all participants including coaches and officials with respect and know that I too will be treated in the same manner.
7. I will not dispute or argue the decision of a coach or official.
8. I will not yell, taunt, or tease a teammate or opponent for any reason.
9. I will not use profane language or gestures.
10. I will avoid use of abusive drugs, steroids, alcohol and/or any other illegal substances, as they will impact my health and my performance on the field in a negative way.
11. I agree to put forth my best effort regardless of the outcome, always knowing that I gave 100%. This includes practice and applies to consistently finishing drills and exercises in preparation for other aspects of practice and / or games and in order to mitigate and prevent, to greatest extent possible, injury to myself and my teammates.
12. I will agree to maintain my studies and respect my teachers and counselors.