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* Prefer families Login with their emails and passwords and edit their own information.  However....)


  1. "Sign in" upper right hand corner with email address and personal password.
  2. Go to your team's home Team page (using the "Team" tabs)​
  3. From your home page, click on “Roster” (left menu) to bring up your player roster
  4. To change a player's info, click on the edit icon to the left of his/her name.
  5. To change a parent's info, click directly on the parent's name that is below the player's name in parentheses.  Make your changes and click "Submit." 

To add an additional email address, click into the email address box, add a semi colon and a space after the existing email address and then type in the new additional address.

To add a parent to the player’s profile:  Bring up the player’s profile as described above, then surf to the bottom of the page and click on Clone as adult  . Input the parent’s name in this new profile page, edit in any changes such as a specific email address or cell phone for that parent and then Submit