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(Managers should have at least 2-3 copies for each game of their team's FCFL Play Count Roster.)

  1. "Sign in" upper right hand corner with email address and personal password.
  2. Go to your team's home Team page (using the "Team" tabs)​
  3. From your home page, click on “Roster” (left menu) to bring up your player roster
  4. From the “Options” button (top right above team name), select “FCFL ROSTER”
  5. Review the FCFL roster for correct Jersey numbers and player weights.
  6. If corrections are required, select "Assign Jersey Nunmbers" from the "Options" button in Step 4 above.  
  7. The roster for the opposing team is obtained by going to the FCFL Website and looking for the team roster under the TEAM tab.