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MAY 15th, 2016    9am-2pm    WHS STADIUM FIELD


THREE (3) important documents in this Trojan Packet for the 3rd Annual Trojan Combine are shown below and can be printed from the following three links:

1  Cover Letter from Coach Chris Pace to Trojans & families (click for PDF printable sheet)

2  Combine Sheet Overview for Trojans (Purpose, Procedure, Goals, Awards, Details, Schedule, Requirements) (click for PDF printable sheet)

3  Combine Sponsor Pledge Sheet (for Trojans to record sponsor pledges.  Must be brought to the May 15th Combine!  (click for PDF printable sheet)


Trojans can use the above documents to explain to Sponsors why they are asking for pledges and where the $$ will go.

Spectators, Families, & Sponsors are encouraged for the event and new this year, are extended a special invitation to the Awards and Recognition Ceremony in the WHS Cafeteria afterward (around 1pm), as well as the Family/Team Dinner immediately following (probably 1:30).    

(This entire Document is at, "High School (WHS)" tab, left toolbar)


COMBINE SHEET OVERVIEW (click for PDF printable sheet) 

Purpose: Our inaugural Trojan Combine is one of Weston Football’s biggest fundraisers of the year.  The money raised will go towards:
  1. Much needed equipment.
  2. Practice and lifting resources.
  3. Helping pay for players to attend team camps.
Procedure: Each participant will gather sponsors that will donate money based on the amount of weight lifted by the player. Players will test and total pounds in the bench press, squat, and hang clean.
  1. Each Trojan sets a personal goal for each lift.
  2. Each player raises a minimum of $200.


3.  Team raises a total of $6,000.

        1st – $100 Credit to Spirit Gear
        2nd & 3rd - $50 Credit to Spirit Gear
        4th & 5th - $25 Credit to Spirt Gear
       Date: Sunday, May 15th
       Time:    9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: Weston High School Football Field
       9:00 – Trojans arrive to the weight room/Pledge sheet checks
       9:30 – Combine Overview         
      10:00 – Trojan Parents and Supporters arrive
      10:00 – Trojan Warm-up
      10:15 – Speed/Agility/Skill Tests
      11:00 – Youth Trojans Mini Combine   
      12:00 – Lifts/Strength Tests (Money makers)
        1:00 – Awards and Recognitions
        1:30 – Awards and Family Team Dinner/Meet the Coaches
  • All players are expected to attend and FULLY participate.
  • All players are to bring their pledge sheets for a check in of progress. Any player who does not bring their pledge sheet will be at risk for not participating. Since this is our top fundraiser for camp, players will also be at risk for not attending camp as well.
  • Players should wear NEW Trojan gear (Tops and Bottoms) and bring both sneakers and cleats for testing. 
Dear Trojan Family, Friends, and Supporters,
                As school is beginning to wind down and summer approaching, it is time once again to begin thinking of summer camps and getting ready for our 2016 fall football season. Over the past several months, we have dedicated ourselves to the off-season and preparing ourselves to be in the best physical and mental condition we can be for the football season.
                In efforts to recognize and support our Trojans’ commitment, we would like to continue to provide the best opportunities for them as student-athletes. One of those great opportunities and a proud tradition here in Weston is taking our team to preseason camp. Camp is a place where we can continue to grow and develop as a team and program. Our players are able to compete, bond, and build relationships with their Trojan brothers while at camp.
                On Sunday, May 15th, the Weston Trojans Football Team will be hosting their 3rd Annual “Trojan Combine”.  We will host the combine at Weston HS football field and weight room. We are asking for support and donations to allow our program to provide our student-athletes with these opportunities.  At the combine, our players will be maxing out in the bench press, squat, and power clean. Supporters are asked to donate a specific amount per pound of the total weight lifted. In addition to the lifting portion of the combine, players will be testing in the 40-yard sprint, 20-yard shuttle, 3 cone agility, and vertical and broad jumps.
Again we ask each supporter pledges a monetary amount per pound that the specific player totals in the four lifts. Usually people will pledge a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar per pound.
Example if one player lifts:
Bench Press:                     235 LBS
Squat:                              350 LBS
Power Clean:                     220 LBS
Total LBS:                         805 LBS
If you pledged a dime per pound, you would donate $80.50.
All family, friends, and sponsors are invited and encouraged to attend and support the Trojans as they compete for new personal records. The combine starts at 10:00 AM at Weston HS.  This year, we also invite family, friends, and sponsors to stay and join the team for the Awards and Recognition Ceremony at 1pm in the WHS Cafeteria, and the traditional Trojan Team Dinner immediately following, or around 1:30pm.
We are striving to make sure we provide the best for our players and in order to accomplish this we need the support of our family, friends, and community. Thank you for your interest and support in our football program.
Coach Pace
Head Football Coach
Weston High School

The 2015 Combine is Weston High School Footballs’ biggest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds go toward much needed equipment and sending our teams to camp in August. Our players compete for their own personal goals.

Total weight combination of Bench/Squat/Hang Clean. Sponsors pledge $’s per total LBS achieved.

Checks made out to GIC (Gridiron Club). All donations to the GIC are under a 501c3 tax deduction.

Last year I lifted _______lbs. This year my goal is  ________lbs.

Pledge Name
Pledge Contact
Pledge per Lb
Clean Lift
3 lifts
Total $ raised


Example: Mr Pledger














580 lb x .15c = $87

































































































The lift-a-thon will take place on May 15st. All proceeds of fundraising should be handed to Coach Pace by June 1st.