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To Camp Rossomando attendees,

Please be sure to bring these two forms with you to Camp-- SIGNED by parent of course.  

#1  The Camp Brochure (CLICK HERE).  They just want the brochure form completed as if you'd mailed in the form.  Payment will be made by Gridiron

#2 Liability Waiver, signed by parent.  (CLICK HERE)

From what Zac told me, boys are to be at the bus at 7:05am.  Be sure and have all pads, mouth guards, helmets, cleats (and sneakers too for lunch, bus etc)-- WATER JUGS!  


June 27, 28, 29 2016  Jump Forward Camp (Coach Rossomando's camp at CCSU in Bristol).

Required WHS Trojans Team Camp gr 10, 11, 12th (2016-2017)
        (Optional for Rising Freshmen, gr 9 2016-2017)
Payment for this camp ($145/camper for the 3 days) will be made by the Gridiron Club.  The Gridiron Club will bill families the balance due.  The amount billed will be $145 per player less any amount over the per player goal of $200 earned at the Combine event. 

Every dollar that each athlete earned at the May Trojan Combine over the $200 player goal, will be applied to his $145 Camp Bill.  For example:

a) Player earned $0-$200 at Combine, parents will be billed the full $145 Camp Fee.  
b) Player earned $300, parents will be billed $45.  ($300 - $200 player goal = $100 credit against the $145 Camp Bill.
c) Player earned $345, or greater, parents will be billed $0.  Amounts above $345 will go to the general Gridiron fundraising budget.    

Rising Freshmen who register, will pay the full $145 camp fee online, which Gridiron will send to CCSU.  (In all prior years, families have always paid for this camp in full.  This year, the upperclassmen had opportunity to earn $$ to pay for the camp as described above.)  

The entire Team will be bussed from WHS to camp and back each day (no overnight)
(CT State Medical Form (Blue form) 




  •  CCSU-Arute Field
  •  6/27/2016 9:00 AM - 6/29/2016 4:00 PM
Team Camp Session II


All High School Age Campers - Grades 9-12 for September 2016


  • The goal of our 3 day team camp is to teach the best and safest techniques so that each camper has the opportunity to play football at the highlest level.  The team concept allows programs to grow together as an entire unit.  Each team will have college coaches working with them in both individual technique sessions and also during team sessions to help develop and to run their offensive and defensive schemes.  Seven on Seven sessions, inside run sessions,and full team sessions will all be offered during the 3 day camp.  Day 3 will have an afternoon session with a Team competition that wll conclude the final session of camp.


  • What to Bring:
    • This is a contact camp - all campers mut have a mouth piece, helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads, tail pads, cleats and sneakers. We recommend that between sessions each player have shorts, t shirts, sneakers / flip flops and a towel.
    • Upon arrival all campers will be checked in and it’s mandatory that all physical forms for each camper are collected.
  • What not to Bring:
    • Stereos, TV’s, Laptops, Boom boxes, Xbox/PS4 - anything that can not be safely secured.