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a 501(c)(3) organization
WHO we ARE  (Contacts.  We are YOU!  Football parents with jobs & "class reps" for each grade.
WHY we RAISE $$ (funds 2/3 of annual football program operating budget)
WHAT we SPEND $$ on (Specific equipment, camps, passing leagues, assistant coaches etc!)
HOW we EARN $$ (events throughout the year)  SEE BELOW!

Please take note of the following upcoming GIC events, and SAVE THE DATES on your calendars!  Key fundraisers are asterisked "*".



The Combine is a fundraiser for Gr 9-11 who collect sponsors for each pound that they lift in the 2nd half of the event.  The first session starts with 40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, and dot drills etc on the Stadium Field.  Then there is a break while Rising Freshmen (current 8th) and all other youth essentially run through the same combine events before the WHS Trojans join the Youth for bag drills and relays.  The second session for just the WHS Trojans is the impressive lifting section and all of the equipment is right there by the goalpost, including bench press, squat racks, and power clean equipment.  This is thrilling to watch and a great spectator event. This year's Combine will be followed with a full Team Dinner for all participants and their families.  Awards and presentations will be made at this Team & Family Dinner. 


*6/__/16 (probably 6/04) TENNIS SOCIAL & MIXER   Fundraiser with great food & beverages, and tennis for those who play.  Has been a fun party at the Weston Field Club in years past.  Loved by those who play tennis, as well as those who don't even play but love the food, drink, company and atmosphere.


*8/__/16  (probably 8/20)MEXICAN FIESTA PARTY to welcome everyone back from summer.  Truly a Feast!  This event started as a special dinner a few years back, hosted and auctioned off by Chef Amy Otworth, and has grown into a huge event based on the the rave reviews and the sheer numbers trying to get in the door.  Fun and Successful.


9/4/16  ANNUAL GRIDIRON BARBECUE -- ($0 cost, sponsored by GIC for Players & Cheerleaders too)
Annual kickoff team BBQ.  Location TBD.   Each family just selects an item to bring (like cheese slices, or baked beans etc!) and brings a bottle of wine to donate for the future adult GIC fund raisers.  (e.g., Barn Party & Steak & Lobster Dinner!) 
Auctioning off any available  GAME DAY PARKING PASSES (Premiere Parking with 2 Free Tickets to all Varsity Home Football Games)
(Last year's "parking spot" space holders (at this link) will have right of first refusal on their spot from 2014, for same price etc.)
*9/__/15  BARN PARTY & SILENT AUCTION  ($__/person) (Estimating 9/11)
Best party barn in town opened to all football adults and their friends.  Billiards, shuttle board, disco dance floor (with awesome police car lighting!).  We're talking to our own Ollie from O'Neils Pub & Restaurant again for catering because Ollie always does a great job at an unbeatable price.  We'll pick only the most popular items from past Silent Auctions, and auction them off here: Jet Blue tickets, the famous Steak & Lobster Banquet at Lawrences etc.
Details TBD.  Trojan fans usually tailgate casually in the Endzone Trojan Parking Lot but this Homecoming Tail Gate party might be at a larger scale and more substantive. 
*11/_/16 STEAK & LOBSTER BANQUET ....chef Fred Lawrence!
NOW LIMITED TO ONLY 10 COUPLES!  Going to the 10 highest bidders at the 9/__ BARN PARTY!  Minimum bid will start at $250/couple-- same start price as the last three years.  Be prepared for bidding wars!  Don't walk away too far from the bid sheet at the Barn Party! 
12/_/16  TEAM BANQUET (date, location, pricing TBD)